Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dragon Fire

Another original composition by me!

At the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in the Summer of 2013, future legend of animation Annie Wong (http://anniewongart.tumblr.com/) was busy creating a super fun stop motion animated movie called "Dragon Fire" wherein a knight and dragon involve themselves in an epic struggle of sorts.  She asked that I provide music and sound for this student project which was pretty exciting since that's why I chose to attend the same school in the first place. 

I was given free reign to work in whatever direction I chose and these variations on a traditional theme were the result.  The music was created in Logic Pro 9 using stock and Jam Pack instruments and the sound effects were recorded at home with a Logitech Rock Band microphone.  The kazoo was performed by me and the ukulele by Annie.

"Dragon Fire" has since been presented at the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival and in the living rooms of several family members.  I can't say which is more satisfying.

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