Friday, June 25, 2010

Number One

composed by Michael V. Flores, Jerry Goldsmith, and feat. David Tristan Birkin and Jonathan Frakes

This jokety joke of a "song" was created as a companion piece to Headexplodie's blog post as well as to make her laugh. Maybe you'll laugh?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

El Paso Drive

Another original composition by me!

Equal parts soft and abrasive. The music here was mostly thought up something like fourteen years ago (1996ish), and only recently elaborated on and finished. Never throw out those ideas, folks! Also, the title comes from a somewhat visceral set of memories from even further back in my life to 1988 when I went on a road trip with my family from San Antonio, Texas, to Disneyland, California. Along the way, we passed through El Paso approaching dusk. Somehow, something in this music brings the view of the desert and sky through those van windows back into my brain. This happened when I first came up with the music those years ago, and happens still. Familiar smells can abruptly hurtle a person back to another point in their life, and I suppose music composed nearly a decade after an event can, without the intent to even do so, link one's mind in the same way, too. I wish I understood how that works. But, hey, it's a neat way to remember something that I have no photos of so that's nice.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Quiet Spot

Another original composition by me!

Continuing along on the minimalism track, this is music which to me is very sweet and personal. While both playing and listening, I’m reminded of the important moments in my life when I have enjoyed a pleasant meal with someone I care very much about. An afternoon in the park here, a morning out back in the yard there, or just some time on the couch all made a hundred times more satisfying when kicked up to the next level with friendship. The sentimentality is overwhelming, I know, so here’s a side-note to bring us back down. The working title for this piece was “nostrils.”

4-18-10 Update!
For your added pleasure, two more versions! One entirely piano arrangement, and the other having a bit of Gershon Kingsley thrown in for good measure.