Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Under A Rock

Another original composition by me!

Musical musings from the downtrodden and insects alike, this song was written very quickly for my better half, the magnificent Annie Wong (, who in 2001 asked for my help with an art project. A graphic design student at the time, she was creating CD artwork and liner notes for class based on the theme "Entomophobia" and wanted to include an actual CD with relevant music recorded onto it. I wrote my lyrics, put together some chords, and recorded it in the rather primitive Cakewalk Home Studio 7. I don't remember her grade and she since changed majors (and schools), but I liked the song and decided to record it properly one day.

One day came 11 years and 8 months later following a semester in Travis Kasperbauer's Pro Tools class at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Better 140 months later than never, I always say.

The beautiful acoustic guitar you hear sparkling in the rhythm was performed by my friend and in-class rival, the unstoppable Erik Jennings ( Without his having joined in on the fun, I'm not sure this song would have come out a quarter as well as it has.

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