Friday, September 9, 2011

Movie Medley

Featuring themes by Klaus Doldinger, Jerry Goldsmith, Queen, and Brad Fiedel from The NeverEnding Story, Alien, Flash Gordon, and The Terminator respectively.

Here’s a neat one for the movie lover. I had the idea to round up some of my favorite “haunting” movie themes, toss them up along with some magic beans, ray guns, and polished glass, and see what came down. Strangely enough, of the thirteen I had thought to give my own treatment, only six made it into the final recording. I’m thinking maybe the rest will come together in a sequel to this one. Who knows?

In the meantime, enjoy!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mi Sueño Feliz

Another original composition by me!

If I’d had a genuine mariachi band at my disposal, I might’ve had this music recorded back in 2004 when it was composed. Alas, it took many years to figure out how exactly I should achieve the sound I wanted without a mariachi band at my beck and call. Luckily, good things come to those who wait and/or look hard enough for the answers. In this case, the answers involved buying and learning new software, happening upon the famous and anonymously constructed “trumpet3” soundfont, and generally getting extra creative in the production department. But, at last, this music is now published for the world to hear seven years later in 2011.

As troublesome as recording this music has been, the creative process was a dream; literally! I dreamt of imagery featuring a bright and sunny bedroom with a large candy-cane standing beside a big blue bed and a pink haired Norfin Troll slowly ascending and revolving around the candy-cane along its red spiraling stripe. There was a kind of grace to the way it moved, and this bizarre scene was set to the main tune of this song. The arrangement is difficult to remember, but I believe it was somewhere between classical chamber orchestra and Brian Eno soundscape. Somehow, the combination of this music and the calm, cheerful visuals was enough to help the dream to remain in my memory as so many dreams don’t. When I woke up, I immediately began humming the tune to ensure I didn’t forget it and then made my way to the keyboard and began to play. I came up with the intro music later and that, thankfully, came easily enough. The two parts really wrote themselves. Thanks, brain!

I’d always wanted to write music for a mariachi band since I enjoy the sound, and I thought this particular tune would lend itself well to the style. I won’t lie, I love how this song ended up. And if I ever have the opportunity to hear it performed by a real mariachi band in whatever configuration, I will be an extremely happy man.