Thursday, March 12, 2009

More than a paint job

With many thanks to Headexplodie, she whose numerous talents thankfully include webmasterizering for me, I present to the world a newer, fresher, sleeker, and friendlier repository of my, Michael V. Flores’s, music. It’s a new format for a new URL and I hope all of this newness is welcomed and enjoyed by all. And though the look may have changed, be assured, dear reader, that I shall post new music with the same furious frequency as ever (map it out on a calendar if you’d like). Please update your bookmarks and/or RSS feeds while I continue to work out new ideas.


Anonymous said...

you look different.. cm

Michael said...

I started wearing glasses during the winter of 2001. I can see lots of things much more clearly now- the good and the bad. You're welcome to e-mail me using the address on this site if you'd ever like to.

Anonymous said...

Very Dali.